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The Story...

Shorty Bean and her beloved pet, Smarty, discover a divine power that has been dormant for many years. Through the Gazman forest she meets an unusual array of characters including an Indian chief, a Blind cat, a Military fish and a finally a Royal frog, each who play an important role in her quest to discover the location of the enchanted coins!
On her journey, Shorty Bean faces opposition from the winds of the north, the Black Bears and the Ravens of the air who are determined to thwart her mission and keep the power of the enchanted coins hidden forever. Ages 7-14.
About the Author
Bottom line Holly Szurpicki loves to create. She writes fictional novels, screenplays, songs and much more. She loves to create one of a kind stories especially for children. Her love for writing compelled her to create a children's book series with some spectacular and most memorable characters. Holly lives in northern Minnesota with her Husband John and their two children Jonathon and Colleen and they have a mastiff breed dog named Klause who loves to swim and chase squirrels!
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The Artists

Shorty Bean and the Enchanted Coins

Shorty Bean and the Coin of Fire

Manneristic studios credit:
DaShawn L. Hall- Owner
NeKeysha Guyton-Art Director

Artist: NeKeysha Guyton 

Contributing Artists

Devon Bowers

Myrian Shipp

Jenafer Cruz

Derek Stewart

Jetty Ann Kircher

Brian Thieme

Kieu Le

Matt Wong

Bethany Meier

Nick Yarsulik

Joseph Miller

Terry Valliere